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Whether you’re currently employed, unemployed or not sure what the future will bring, signing up for this program is a big step towards taking control of your career to position yourself for whatever comes next in the job market. 

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Don't Wait For Your Career to Happen To You. Take Control and Prepare Now For Whatever Comes Next!

Management Consultant, Grant Thronton

Neil Conroy

"Ken is a great coach who provides excellent advice that is on-target and easy to put into practice. I strongly recommend Ken as a coach to anyone who is in career transition or looking for advice and guidance in advancing their career in any way."

Account Executive, UPS

Eduardo Bonilla

"Ken was instrumental in guiding me through a period of career transition and helped me put together a strategic approach to my search. The result was a wider professional network, comprised of meaningful connections, which in time, led to job interviews. Finally, the career transition process can feel like a roller coaster. However, due to Ken's expertise, I was able to remain confident and motivated throughout the entire process. I was recently offered and accepted a position with a Fortune 100 company"


As a career coach and former director of Johnson and Johnson's Sales Recruiting Department, I've experienced the pain of losing my job and the joy of finding a new one. I was fortunate after my lay off. After about 3 months spent picking myself up, dusting myself off, and figuring out the landscape of the ever-changing job market in the 21st century, I was able to land 3 jobs, including one with a Fortune 100 company, during a 5-year stretch while still on my 50s.

Who is Ken Sher?

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which includes:

A special offer to help you take control during a time of uncertainty

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90-minute weekly sessions led by Ken Sher, where he’ll deliver the lesson for the week, and there will be individual work with each participant to advance the development of that week’s lesson.

You will not only learn about each step of the job search process, but you will actually work on your own materials so that during each lesson and between each session you will develop the content you need to win your next opportunity.

You will develop a positive mindset to win your next great opportunity. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are correct”. Every week we will work on developing the positive, confident mindset necessary to land your next job.

You will develop a clearly defined personal brand and practice your delivery so you can deliver a concise elevator speech, in a variety of situations, that defines you and is a call to action to get the support needed.

You will write a powerful resume and develop your LinkedIn profile so that it attracts recruiters, hiring managers, for the types of jobs you are interested in. This is not just theory, you will actually walk away from this program with powerful content specifically for you.

You will develop interview answers and practice them to the point that you deliver them clearly, concisely, and conversationally. And you will be able to answer any interview question that comes your way.

You will have a strategy and plan for identifying networking opportunities as well as job
opportunities using existing connections and new connections in your network.

And you will get feedback and coaching directly from Ken and your peers in the group which
will improve the quality of your content, your delivery and it will increase your confidence so
that you perform at your best in all your job search activities.

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This FREE program will help you accelerate your job search, standout among the crowd and land your next job.

Ken Sher, Career Coach

This is a full coaching session, and you will walk away with concrete and practical content to improve your job search approach.


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The program will cover the following: