In positive relationships there are no hidden agendas. Each party knows the sincerity of the person they are dealing with and is able to address difficult situations in a genuine manner.


It’s not only about achieving the vision and meeting the goals of the organization, it’s about setting clear expectations about goals, how things get done and the growth of the individual and the team.


In good times or bad, understanding the motivation behind a person’s actions allows for the appropriate amount of empathy, support or direction moving forward.


We all have a lot going on, so identifying and acting on priorities will help you increase productivity and focus your attention on areas where it’s most valuable.


Being a leader means it’s not all about you. High-performing leaders typically spread credit for successes and assume responsibility for failures. The bottom line is that if the team succeeds, the leader succeeds.

Meet Ken

I am an Executive Coach and Career Consultant with nearly 30 years of experience at Johnson & Johnson and Bristol-Myers Squibb. I served as Vice President, Coaching Services at the Velocity Advisory Group coaching clients in positions ranging from first-line Manager to CEO and I have had my own Executive Coaching and Career Coaching practice since 2015.

I have found that TRUST is the foundation of all great relationships and great relationships are the foundation for success.

TRUST is not a given, it needs to be earned, nurtured and developed over time, more so with actions than words. The good news is that it can be developed by focusing on the TRUST Model and 5 areas of focus to build TRUST between you, your contacts, your colleagues and the marketplace.

I’ve helped leaders from first-time, first-line managers to CEOs be successful by identifying their true self and building their teams and business to heights they hadn’t reached before.

Executive Coaching & Career Management

What’s your situation:

In a new role and want to have a great start?

Feeling stuck with your career?

You just know you and your team can do better,
but you’re not sure how to do it

You suddenly and unexpectedly find yourself in a
career transition

I’ve experienced all of these during my 25-year
career with Johnson & Johnson, through being
laid off at age 52 to finding my passion again
as an Executive Coach and Career Consultant.

Simplifying Leadership Through T.R.U.S.T.

Transparency: Does your team have all the information they need to handle challenges, to take advantage of opportunities, and to be as successful as they can be?

Results: Yes, end results are the bottom-line, but the quality of the journey makes a difference. Were clear expectations set? Were milestones set and reached? Was the right amount of coaching given to ensure success?

Understanding: In good times or bad, understanding the motivation behind a person’s actions allows for the appropriate amount of empathy, support or direction moving forward.

Simplify: Recognizing priorities and utilizing your calendar appropriately will help you and your team increase productivity and focus your attention on areas where it’s most valuable

Team: High-performing leaders typically spread credit for successes and assume responsibility for failures. The bottom line is that if the team succeeds, the leader succeeds

Career Success Through T.R.U.S.T.

Transparency: Be introspective and document key points of your career that highlight your strengths, the things you like, your preferred style of work etc. Use this “inventory” to clarify your "Personal Brand", consider your career direction... and to help you begin preparing for interviews.

Results: From your resume to interview answers... it’s about outcomes. Most resumes are filled with responsibilities, but it’s results that separate you from the crowd. Each job on your resume should have a “responsibility statement” followed by bullet point “accomplishment statements”.

Understanding: It is critical that one understands the current job market and what skills are valued most. Also, there needs to be an understanding of social media and LinkedIn® in particular.

Simplify: Reduce the stress of interviewing by following the STARS process for answering questions. When this process is practiced and comfort with your stories is high, your confidence will soar as well.

Team: You need two teams during your job search. Your family and friends will provide support throughout the process and your network will help you land your next great opportunity.

Success Stories with Ken


Executive Coaching

Ken Sher is a great Executive Coach who uses his 25-years experience in corporate America to help me think strategically while prioritizing the issues that will help me and my company be as successful as we can be today. Ken’s coaching style is both supportive and challenging. He combines a questioning approach that helps me refine my own solutions with advice and guidance, to help me reach my goals, when needed. I strongly recommend Ken as an Executive Coach to leaders, with all levels of experience, who want to accelerate their development and achieve both personal and professional success.

Seth Lane

V.P. Real Estate Concept Companies


Career Consulting

Ken is a great coach who provides excellent advice that is on-target and easy to put into practice. He provided value beyond our agreed upon terms. He never watched the clock and was easily accessible between sessions. I strongly recommend Ken as a coach to anyone who is in career transition or looking for advice and guidance in advancing their career in any way.

Neil Conroy

Management Consultant Grant Thornton LLP


Executive Coaching

Ken and I worked together at Johnson & Johnson and I have great respect for both his character and competence. Ken has all the skills you look for in a good executive coach. First, and most importantly, Ken is honest and trustworthy, so he will tell you like it is and anything you share will always remain with him. He is great at listening to your issues and helping you see the path to move forward, providing alternatives for you to think about. Ken is strong at working with the leadership team, identifying strategic needs and coaching the leaders to pull the strategy through. I highly recommend Ken for any executive coaching need.

Mark Samuel

Coach trainer MJ Samuels Associates Business

Speaker Testimonials

Ken Sher is a dynamic, engaging and motivational speaker. Each of his talks provide relevant and practical actions for his audience members to take…He has the ability to connect with a wide range of people…His presentations are always done in a friendly and outgoing manner that creates a quick rapport with the audience. He is a very giving guy. I highly recommend him as a speaker for motivation, inspiration and real-world ideas to improve any career or leadership challenges one may be facing.

Tom Emmereth

Program and Committee Chair, Lehigh Valley Professionals Group

Ken is an engaging and interactive speaker who makes people think outside of their normal comfort zone. He challenges and motivates his audience to take practical and immediate action to improve their current situation. He has a down to earth style and he adds humor to his talks to keep his audience entertained. Ken… connects with his audience both personally and professionally. I recommend him as a speaker to motivate and move a wide range of listeners to action.

George Schonewolf

Founder, Career Networking Group, Montgomery County

Ken Sher is an excellent speaker who delivers very useful and practical information to his audience in a very energetic and engaging way. His real-world examples and creative approach for addressing common and uncommon challenges in the marketplace create immediate opportunities for improvement for his audience. I recommend Ken as a speaker for any organization looking to expand their thinking in a way that will help add clarity to their big picture view of the world while receiving ideas that will impact their day-to-day activities.

Andrew Braun CLU, CfHC

field director & financial advisor

You’re in charge of your career… Ken can help you get to where you want to be…

Advice for Continued Success

In many companies, individual contributors are promoted into leadership positions because of excellent performance. Unfortunately, the best individual performers are not necessarily the best leaders. Compounding this potential problem is the fact that there is very little support for the new leader to help them grow and develop their leadership skills.

Ken’s ideas and advice :

The good news is that you can develop your leadership skills, and those of your team members, to increase the level of success you all have.

The first thing to consider is that TRUST is the foundation of all great relationships and in order to be successful today, you need to develop and maintain TRUST with everyone you interact with… this includes hiring managers, supervisors, cross-functional stakeholders, direct reports and clients.

 Ken’s ideas and advice have shaped successful individuals and organizations across the country for over 30-years.

Here are some of the topics he has used to fuel growth and excellence for leaders like you and teams like yours


In this final part of the series, we’ll focus on putting it all together to develop a successful job search. It’s game time The main thing to remember during your job search…

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Advice for Continued Success