Leadership Talks


To meet company goals, organizations need a plan for growth and strong leaders to guide the company.
How does a small HR team or an HR Department of One create a world class leadership development
program on little to no budget?
Top performing companies identify and nurture talent, have a formal talent review and planning process
and actively manage a pool of successors for business-critical roles.
In this session, participants will:
– Learn how to demonstrate the strategic and business value of implementing a leadership
development program, like Fortune 50 companies, for little or no cost.
– Understand how to identify business needs and establish performance metrics to determine the
ROI of the program
– See how to partner with company leadership to uncover resources needed to develop a world
class leadership program. 
– Learn how to create a motivational environment so employees will take initiative in their career
development and demonstrate the skills necessary to meet company goals.
In short, this session will provide you with practical and effective ways to build and support a “World-
Class Leadership Development on a Shoestring Budget”.


Business leaders would be wise to pay attention to employment trends such as “The Great Resignation”
and “Quiet Quitting”. These are, likely, not a “trend” but more of a change in how employees see their
jobs and careers.
More than 40% of all employees were thinking about leaving their jobs at the beginning of 2021, and as
the year went on, workers quit in unprecedented numbers*.
This talent drain impacts productivity and team performance that has a significant long-term impact on
both individual and organizational performance. The results can be catastrophic to careers and to the
viability of the business.
In this session, participants will learn:
– How to recognize the signs of employee dissatisfaction and burnout The 3 keys to employee
motivation and loyalty

– Strategies and tactics that can be easily implemented to promote teamwork and employee
– Acceptable ways to recognize and promote individual and team success to all levels of the
In short, this program will help leaders turn the Great Resignation into a concept that will attract,
develop, and retain top talent while positively impacting their own performance, development, and
career growth
*Microsoft sponsored a survey of over 30,000 employees across 31 markets in January 2021


The Pandemic has changed the way business is conducted and it will continue to evolve.
The “fact” that employees need to be in one location to be productive and effective has been disproven
for many professions and companies. The organizations that recognize this and continue to develop
their processes, procedures, and culture are the ones who have thrived and will continue to prosper
during this transformational period of doing business.
This challenge to businesses does not have a one size fits all solution. How these challenges are
addressed will be the difference between success and business viability.
In this session, participants will learn:
– How to evaluate which roles need to be centrally located and which roles can be remote
– How to develop a team culture with a hybrid model of work locations
– 3-ways to evaluate individual and team performance in order to make the necessary
adjustments to maintain a high level of effectiveness and productivity
Remote and hybrid teams are here to stay. How you lead and manage your team needs to adapt to this
new work environment.


Consider how you might use Google to find something of interest to you. When you receive the list of
options, how far down do you go? Do you look at the top 3 listings? The top 5? You probably rarely go
to the second page. That’s exactly the way recruiters and business prospects use the search capabilities
on LinkedIn.
In this interactive session, Ken will teach you ways to get noticed and to move yourself to the first page
of a search. You will learn how to:

– Build and enhance your personal brand
– Strengthen your profile
– See and be seen in your industry
– Find the right job or clients for you and the people who can help you get it