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Simplifying the Job Search Process Through T.R.U.S.T.

Losing your job, especially when you are mid-late career, is one of the most difficult professional challenges a person can face. It’s a very complicated situation that not only impacts one professionally, but personally as well. Yet, as complicated as the job search process is today, your success is dependent on one thing…it starts with your approach!

You need to know you will land in a good place and you must TRUST yourself before anyone else will be willing and able to help you! You need to TRUST and believe that this moment in time, this time of unemployment, does not define you. Your family, loved ones, and friends define you. Your career and the successes you’ve had are part of what defines you. Your core values and beliefs are who you really are. This moment in time, this blip on the radar screen, which is what your unemployment is, will pass.

You need to begin your job search with a plan or a framework. The TRUST Success Model is a framework that will help you get to where you want to be. TRUST is an acronym that stands for:


It’s important to take inventory of your strengths, likes, and dislikes and to document your experiences and skills you used to achieve your great outcomes. Take the time to be introspective. “Reacquaint” yourself with who you are and what you want next in life. Then, develop your “Personal Brand” to get noticed, separate you from the crowd, and to grab the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. (Re)learn how to be Transparent and present yourself in an authentic way.


Finding your next job is about Results. You need to communicate the Results you have delivered in the past for hiring managers to get a sense for the Results you can produce for them. You should be able to discuss your Results in networking conversations, interviews and they should come through clearly in your resume and LinkedIn® profile as well. Expand your message from being just about responsibilities to including outcomes with Results. Dig deep and you’ll see your work history is full of examples of specific successes you’ve had in your career.


It’s important to Understand the fast-evolving job search landscape. Every recruiter and hiring manager will check you out on LinkedIn® to confirm they want to speak with you. Understand the power of LinkedIn and develop as complete a profile as you can.  It will also help you expand your network and find opportunities.


Networking conversations and interviewing can be extremely stressful. The antidote to stress is confidence and that comes with knowing you are ready to do your best. Don’t wait for your dream job interview… get started before it’s even scheduled. Get ready to succeed in your job search by Simplifying your approach and practicing the 3-Ps of interviewing… Prepare, Process, Practice.


You need two teams. One should be made up of people who will support you and help you thrive through this challenging time. The other is a strong, supportive professional network to support, advise and help you find great connections and opportunities.

Most successful projects or programs start with a plan and a framework for development and delivery. The job search is no different. When you have a process, you will be able to focus your efforts and message in a way that will lead you to the same success you’ve had throughout the rest of your career.

Ken Sher

Ken Sher is an Career Coach and Executive Coach who focuses on the whole person when helping them with professional or personal issues they are trying to manage. Ken's areas of expertise include job search, career management and leadership development. If you would like to reach out to Ken, please call him at (215) 262-0528 or visit his web site at