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Career and Leadership Success Through TRUST

How to Survive and Thrive After a Job Loss, Part 2: Finding Your Way

In Part 1 of this 4-part series on “How to Survive and Thrive After a Job Loss”, we saw the big picture impact of this major life event. You need to take time, regroup, and get back on your feet. This approach helped me to not only “Survive and Thrive”, but it also led to…
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November 30, 2020 0

Job Search Advice: It’s About Confidence

  Losing a job is a difficult situation both financially and psychologically. It can be one of the greatest challenges you face. To get past the initial shock, you must look to change the negative feelings you have to a positive outlook. Easier said than done? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely! “Life is 10% what happens to…
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July 9, 2020 0

Micro-Management is the Opposite of Autonomy

  One of the biggest mistakes a team leader can make is micro-managing their direct reports.  Micro-management stems from the leader’s lack of TRUST that the employee can do the job without close supervision. Micro-management sounds like: “All decisions must come through me… follow the process without deviation” “I need to see your work before…
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February 26, 2020 0

Everyone is in Career Transition

  Yes, you’re in career transition. Or you should be. Today’s definition for career transition is not only about being between jobs. It should include planning for your next position. This includes how you are performing in your current role while developing your skills, expanding your network and positioning yourself for other opportunities. If you’ve…
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January 8, 2020 0

Who Can Afford Leadership Training?

  The fact is that EVERY company needs to develop their leaders. And EVERY company has the resources to do so… it’s a matter of priority and commitment. Leadership Development Pays A 2015 joint study by the Conference Board® and Development Dimensions International® found that virtually every business need or challenge can be improved by…
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January 23, 2020 0

Is There Discrimination in Recruiting?

Fact:  There is ageism in the workplace and in the recruiting process Fact:  There is racism in the workplace and in the recruiting process Fact:  There is sexism in the workplace and in the recruiting process Fact:  There are good, decent, honorable people in the recruiting process Fact: You can let the above negatives get into…
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December 12, 2019 0

The Most Difficult Interview Question

The most difficult interview question is… the one that is never asked… or answered. Have you ever responded to an interview question and thought you could read on the interviewer’s face that the answer wasn’t received as you had hoped it would be? Maybe it wasn’t until the interview was over that you thought, “I…
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November 25, 2019 0

Is Anything Really Obvious?

The word “obvious” is a terrible word that can lead to a lot of misunderstanding and distrust. The reality is that there is nothing that is truly “obvious” to everyone. Just look at our political parties. What’s clearly obvious to a Democrat is definitely not obvious to a Republican. One place where we can get…
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October 29, 2019 0