3 Things to do NOW to Manage Your Career

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3 Things to do NOW to Manage Your Career

September 13, 2019 Career Coaching Career Consulting Coaching Executive coaching Job Search 4

You may be working now but look around you. How many friends, family members or colleagues have experienced being out of work recently?

The days of staying with one company for 40-years, getting a gold watch, a pension plan and a farewell party are over. Today, it is unwise for many workers to stay with a company for too long as it is often read as a sign of stagnation, lack of promotability and limited scope. Also, with the changing job market, it is likely employees will be forced to make a job change whether by their choice or their employer’s.

Data from January 2018 from The Bureau of Labor Statistics:
  • Median number of years with their current employer: 2 years
  • Workers ages 55 to 64: 10.1 years
  • Workers ages 25 to 34: 2.8 years
  • Workers with a college degree: 5.2 years(men) and 5.0 years(women)

You need to take control of your career in order to maximize your opportunities and reduce or eliminate the risk of finding yourself out of work looking for your next opportunity. You may be very happy in your current role. Great! But one of three things will likely happen in your career. You will either be rewarded with your current company; you’ll find a better opportunity elsewhere or you will be separated (i.e. laid-off) from your company.  In order to position yourself for career success, consider the following:

Update your LinkedIn® profile

Even if you’re happy with your current role and you’re not looking for a new job, recruiters may be looking for you. It’s estimated that 70-80% of job openings are not posted. Recruiters routinely search online and over 90% use LinkedIn to find the right candidates. A strong LinkedIn profile will attract recruiters. There are multiple benefits to you, if you are contacted, including the opportunity to see your true value in the marketplace, to learn of opportunities you never considered and it’s a good boost in confidence as well.


It’s important whether you’re employed or not. It’s estimated that more than 70% of jobs are gotten through someone you know. A strong network can land you your next opportunity easier and faster. If you’re employed, don’t forget about internal networking. Build a team of advocates within your current organization and across functions. If you’re unemployed, seek out college alumni, former colleagues and others in your field of interest. And there are plenty of networking groups that should be explored as well.

Get involved

The more experiences you have, the more opportunities you will get. Whether it’s volunteering for a special project at work or on a community-based project, you will be gaining valuable experience and meeting people that can help you with your career.

The above 3 suggestions are important whether you are currently employed or in career transition. There is no question that you will continue to see significant changes in the marketplace before you’re ready to retire. You can either take control and manage your career or it will be “managed” for you.

Ken Sher is President of Sher Coaching and is dedicated to improving individual and team performance through Executive Coaching and Career Management. If you would like to learn how the TRUST model can help you with your job search, career or to improve your team’s performance, reach out to Ken to schedule a complimentary coaching session. please call him at (215) 262-0528 or email him at Ken@shercoaching.com 


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  1. Amy Raditz says:

    Great advice Ken. thank you for sharing. Amy

  2. Laura Dowling says:

    Sound advice. Thank you Ken! Perspectives about the today’s workplace need to change especially for us who have been working for many years. Your guidance and encouragement are much appreciated.

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