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Job Loss is Not Easy… Maybe This Will Help


When I lost my job after nearly 25-years at Johnson & Johnson, at 52-years-old with two kids in college and one in high school, I felt a wide range of emotions… and none of them were good. I was scared, angry and hurt. Frankly, I was as close to clinically depressed as a person could be. I went through the “5-Stages of Grief”… denial, anger, bargaining, and depression… it took me a good 3-4 months before I got to the final stage… acceptance.

And, with a little therapy, good pharmaceuticals, and space to clear my head of all the negative thoughts I had after my termination from the company, I got down to the business of finding my next job.

Today’s Job Market is More Challenging Than Ever

But this wasn’t the same job market that I last saw about 25-years ago. A lot had changed. There was a new way to present yourself through your resume as well as in networking conversations and interviews. Plus, social media with LinkedIn®, in particular, added a whole new element in the market. And the competition was fierce!

Things began slowly for me, but I started to figure it out. I read lots of books and articles, went to seminars and networking meetings and dug into LinkedIn. I was determined to learn as much as I possibly could about finding my next job.

And I failed… tried some more… and failed… tried again… and started to see a little success… and finally I figured it out. In fact, I was able to land 3-new jobs, over a 6-year span while in my 50s.

Then, others started to ask me for advice. Since one of my core values is to help people whenever I can, I assisted several people in getting their job search together which often led them to successful outcomes.

In Just 2-Weeks You Can be Ready for Whatever Comes Next

So I decided that I should document how I approached every aspect of the job search and that turned into my “Manage Your Career for Whatever Comes Next” 14-day program to help you search and land your next job.

This program will walk you through every aspect of the job search from developing your personal brand to preparing for interviews and everything in between.

It’s priced at $27 which is less than the cost of 1-month of LinkedIn Premium which ranges from $29.00 to $59.99 for job seekers. And, I believe my program is more actionable for you.

I am confident this program will help you whether you’re starting from square 1 or looking to revise and strengthen your approach.

Don’t wait! Click HERE and begin to Manage Your Career for Whatever Comes Next.

If you want help identifying the steps of the process to help you plan for winning your next job opportunity, click here to receive a short guide entitled “The Sher Process to Your Next Job”.

Ken Sher is President of Sher Coaching. He is a Career Coach and an Executive Coach and the developer of the TRUST Success Model. His clients say that he helps them achieve more by relating to their situation and inspiring them. If you would like to learn how the TRUST Success Model can help you with your job search, improve your leadership ability or positively impact your team’s performance Book an appointment, to schedule a complimentary coaching session, or visit his website at


Ken Sher

Ken Sher is an Career Coach and Executive Coach who focuses on the whole person when helping them with professional or personal issues they are trying to manage. Ken's areas of expertise include job search, career management and leadership development. If you would like to reach out to Ken, please call him at (215) 262-0528 or visit his web site at