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Should You Pay for LinkedIn® Premium?

First, LinkedIn is arguably the most valuable resource for networking, building business or finding job opportunities available today.

The real question is, “Are you maximizing LinkedIn basic?”

In other words, is your profile as complete as it can be? Do you have the right key words and phrases to attract recruiters and hiring managers? Are you marketing yourself effectively and are you engaged in the platform? Is your “About” section written as a great attention-grabbing, interest keeping piece? Is it reflective of your Personal Brand and does it compel the reader to reach out for a networking conversation… or for an interview? Are you building an effective, diverse network? Are you finding business or job opportunities?

Most people are not maximizing the benefits of LinkedIn basic so it’s important to really think through whether it makes sense for you to pay more for features you may not use that often. Let’s face it, if you’re not maximizing LinkedIn basic, what are the chances you’ll maximize the benefits of LinkedIn Premium? But trying it out for a “free” month may be a good idea to determine if it’s worth an extra $360- $960 per year to upgrade permanently?

Take advantage and maximize what you get with the free version first, then consider upgrading.

One last consideration. It is estimated that 80% of jobs are landed through someone the person knows. This is especially true for Director level and above positions as many of these jobs are never posted. They’re part of the infamous “hidden job market”.

So, considering networking is going to be a key to your job search success, it makes sense to develop your profile and ability to use LinkedIn effectively to increase your chances of landing your next great role.

There are many places you can turn for help in this area. One approach for your consideration is my 14-day program called “Manage Your Career for Whatever Comes Next”. For $27,  less than the cost of one-month of LinkedIn Premium, you will learn to maximize LinkedIn and prepare the other aspects of your job search (i.e. Personal Brand Development, resume, interviewing skills etc…) so that you are ready to land your next great role.

Please click here to learn more and to see if this program is right for you.

Ken Sher is President of Sher Coaching. He is a Career Coach and an Executive Coach and the developer of the TRUST Success Model. His clients say that he helps them achieve more by relating to their situation, inspiring them, and developing their skills beyond where they thought they could go. If you would like to learn how the TRUST Success Model can help you with your job search or improve your team’s performance Book an appointment, to schedule a complimentary coaching session, or visit his website at

Ken Sher

Ken Sher is an Career Coach and Executive Coach who focuses on the whole person when helping them with professional or personal issues they are trying to manage. Ken's areas of expertise include job search, career management and leadership development. If you would like to reach out to Ken, please call him at (215) 262-0528 or visit his web site at